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Welcome to Our Pediatric Dental Office!

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce you to our office, our mission, and what to expect when arriving for your child’s dental appointment.

The first visit at the dentist’s office is an adventure for young children. They will discover so much about their teeth and themselves. Some children will come in excited and some will feel apprehensive. By choosing a Pediatric Dentist, you are taking an important first step in creating a positive dental attitude for your child. With specialty training and a fun environment, we hope to give your child a good dental experience, starting at a very young age.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend that the first dental visit be at one year of age. We call it Dental Home.

Children who have their first dental experience when they are young are more likely to have a favorable outlook toward dental care throughout life. Parents, play a very important role in getting their children started with a positive dental experience. Because dental visits are an integral part of your child’s total health program, we approach the first visit as a natural part of your concern for optimal health care for your child.

By starting early, we can address issues such as teething, infant oral health care, and preventing cavities. Early childhood cavities are heartbreaking. We will discuss how cavities are formed and how you can help to prevent them at home through proper oral hygiene and feeding habits.

Together, we can help your child have a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles. This website is designed to answer some of the many questions that you may have about your child’s appointment and other dental related topics.