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Initial & Recall Exams

As a children’s dentist, our doctor is trained to diagnose disease. The examination includes a thorough introduction to the clinic to acquaint the child with the sensory challenges of a dental office.

The initial consultation includes screenings for oral pathology, an evaluation of growth and development, an orthodontic needs assessment, a gum disease evaluation, a visual examination for tooth decay, as well as an evaluation of any current restorations, concerns or complaints from the patient/parent. The dentist will also discuss risk factors for disease, instructions for oral hygiene and information related to nutritional counseling.

Regular return visits to the office are vitally important for keeping healthy teeth. Dental decay progresses very rapidly in primary (baby) teeth. The sooner a problem can be diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated and the less invasive the treatment will need to be. Our goal is to catch as many problems in the earliest stage as possible so that the solution is easier for the patient to tolerate. A new examination will be completed in this visit, as well as cleaning, flossing, nutrition counseling, oral hygiene instruction and fluoride application.