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Dr. Ahmad Sabra Pediatric Dentist


Dr. Ahmad received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree from the very competitive program of the Beirut Arab University. He then obtained a Master’s in Pediatric Dentistry with a very strong sedation component from the Saint Joseph University. He achieved exceptional scholarly results, with excellence in the different fields of Pediatric Dentistry.

Children, healthy and less healthy can quickly relate to his kindness and patience. His treatment planning and clinical skills never cease to amaze us. Special children are very close to his heart. He clearly recognizes the need of children to be embraced and to feel secure, even in the dental office and prior to initiating any treatment. His scope of practice extends to sedation. He achieves great results with children, by performing complicated and challenging treatments on the dental chair.

Prioritizing children’s wellness have gained him the success and love of his young patients and their parents. Very creative, he has developed amazing educational videos that can be easily assessed as professional rather than amateur.

His comprehensive treatment planning and its implementation include long term success by managing oral hygiene and diet practices and advocating for early intervention so children grow with healthy mouths and positive dental experiences.

He has investigated Sleeping Disorders in children and finalized it with an extensive research paper. He has strong insights in children growth, the importance of awareness in developing healthy sleep patters and the early intervention for the child’s quality of life.

Dr Ahmad speaks fluent Arabic, English and French.