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Dr. Tala Baassiry Orthodontist

Dr. Tala Baassiry

Dr. Tala received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Beirut Arab University with Honor. She carried on to obtain a Masters in Orthodontics from the same university.

Dr. Tala trained in multiple institutions to become very skilled in managing growth and development for very young patients. Her expertise attends to children’s early needs to ensure orthodontic problems are embraced since young age, hence ensuring best body vital functions and resulting in the best bite (occlusion).

She can easily diagnose children with potential problems and ensure their management by introducing the best treatment at the most appropriate age. Her child demeanor and her kindness make her very approachable.

In older children, teenagers and adults, her calm and wisdom teamed with the exclusive skills in the best orthodontics techniques (Damon Mechanics with TADs, myofunctional, clear aligners and conventional orthodontics) have gained her trust and confidence from parents too.

Dr. Tala speaks fluent Arabic, English and French.