Dr. Tina Rokadia

Dr. Tina Rokadia

Dr. Tina is very well versed in all aspects of smile design, esthetics, and reconstructions. After many long years of practice, she excels in Esthetics and in restoring Smiles. Crowns and bridges are her daily endeavor.

Dr. Tina is experienced in tooth-supported or implant-supported full mouth rehabilitations, utilizing methods and principles founded in a mutually protective occlusion. Well-founded concepts on occlusion, using facebows and semi-adjustable articulators.

She is well versed in a variety of implant systems whether used for restoring challenging anterior restorations or all on 4 concepts. She is proficient in using chairside CEREC and other digital workflows for All-Ceramic full and partial coverage restorations. She has spent many years perfecting Feldspathic and Lithium Disilicate veneers for a realistic, functional, ethical, and aesthetic outcome.

She is highly interested in diagnosing and treating patients with bruxism and temporomandibular joint dysfunction using Kois deprogrammers and Michigan splints. Her expertise extends to the relationship between Sleep Apnea and Bruxism.

Of course, basic general dentistry is also included: all restorative and general dentistry procedures, hygiene, scaling, root planning and teeth whitening, full and cast partial denture. Very few clinicians ought to say what Dr. Tina states that all treatments conducted are guaranteed longevity due to a deep understanding of occlusion, periodontal health, and patient wellbeing.

Dr. Tina speaks fluent English and Hindi.