Dr. Tina Rokadia

• Experienced in crowns and bridges.
• Experienced in tooth-supported or implant-supported full mouth rehabilitations, utilizing methods and principles
founded in a mutually protective occlusion. Well-founded concepts on occlusion, using facebows and semi-adjustable
• Well versed in a variety of implant systems whether used for restoring challenging anterior restorations or all on 4
• Proficient in using chairside CEREC and other digital workflows for All Ceramic full and partial coverage restorations.
• Highly skilled in Feldspathic and Lithium Disilicate veneers for a realistic, functional, ethical and aesthetic outcome.
• Highly interested in diagnosing and treating patients with bruxism and temperomandibular joint dysfunction using Kois
deprogrammers and Michigan splints.
• Relationship between Sleep Apnea and Bruxism.
• All restorative and general dentistry procedures, hygiene, scaling, root planning and teeth whitening, full and cast partial dentures.
All treatments conducted are guaranteed longevity due to a deep understanding of occlusion, periodontal health and patient wellbeing.